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What can the Healthcare Coalition do for our company?


Becoming part of Marion County's Coalition for Health and Medical Preparedness is the first step in helping to improve the overall preparedness of our Medical Community's ability to respond when disasters strike.  Our communities increased preparedness to disasters relies on all our member partners being prepared at their own business level.  When that is accomplished, we can start planning on how we help each other during times of crisis.  

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Being a member of CHAMP provides your facility with assistance in emergency preparedness planning.  The coalition has provided member agencies with assistance in developing their Continuity of Operations Plans, Emergency Operations Plans and Evacuation planning.

Free Training Opportunities

Being a member of CHAMP provides your business with FREE training opportunities.  The coalition has provided its members with a variety of training, for example: CPR, First Aid, Facility Evacuation, Active Shooter, De-Escalation, Infectious Disease control, Hazardous Materials Response, Personal Protective Equipment, 

Drills and Exercises

Being a member of CHAMP provides you with the opportunity to participate in commuity wide drills and exercises testing your capabilty to respond and recover from disasters.  First we plan, then we train our employees, then we exercise to test the plan.  You can choose to be involved as much or as little as you want.

Disaster Response Support

Being a member of CHAMP provides your business the opportunity to be part of a larger disaster support group.  The coalition does not respond to disasters, it manages information and assists with getting resources to the members that need them most.

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